Here are the Rules. Don't disobay them!

  • Don't Spam! This Wiki was made for Stories! Not Troll Stories! Make 3 of them in a month, BANNED!
  • This Means comments too! If you hate the story, leave it! If it's a Featured Story, talk to me about it. I'll see what I can do. If you do make 7 Spam/Hate Comments, BANNED!
  • Put Stories in the right Catagory/Catagories! If you fail to do that for 3 times, BANNED!
  • No Misspellings! Stories with Misspellings can make it hard to read the Story. Of course, if you can't Spell, it's fine, but it's a warning. You won't get Banned for Misspelling, but the Story will be in the Need Grammer Fixing Catagory.
  • NO PONIES. Yes, I really said that. If I see any Pony story, I'm tracking you down, and PERMENTLY banning you. If you call someone a Brony, Permently Banned. Face it. They are stupid and NOT Manly. And if You don't like that Rule, Leave this Wiki. Pony icons can be used. "That is, IF you don't make me Mad." ~Founder of the Wiki
  • Don't make bad comments about the Admins. If you do, you will be Permenly Banned unless you apolgise to the User on a another Wiki.
  • Admins can't Add/Remove Rules. If you do that, You will get demoted to a User, or Banned. Only the Founder can do that.
  • Don't make a Entire Page just for a Review! Make a Review in the Comments of a Story! If you do, BANNED!
  • No Music videos! Don't put a music video on a Story! But you can put them on your Profile. Not Story pages. Disobay this Rule 2 times, BANNED!

You shall get a Warining on your 4'th Ban saying "Hello, I just warning you that you shall get Banned permently from Editing if you get Banned a few more times "Username". Thanks. Founder of the Wiki" Getting Banned 7 times will permently ban you from Editing on this Wiki along with a Message. "Hello. I'm informing you that that you have got banned 7 times. But this time, your Banned Permently from Editing. If you want to edit some more on this Wiki, create a new Account. Thanks. Founder of the Wiki"

Remember! The Rules are changing! So what you might do at Monday, Might change at Wensday! Founder of the Wiki. February 12, 2012 (UTC)