Ben and Ken 2: Teaching Ben the Computer

Last time we saw the twins, Ken put a Memory Eraser Thing on Ben, which got his memories of using the Computer erased.


Ben said “What just happened?” Then Ken said “You do not want to know.” Ben runs out and touches the Door. The Laser Machine beeps “ERROR: YOU HAVE NOT GONE ON THE COMPUTER FOR 2 HOURS.” The Laser Machine zaps Ben with eclectic. Ken thinks “Eh? Oh right, I programmed it to read Ben’s thoughts to see if he done that or not. Still, this does not explain how I got in and out holding Ben.” Ben yells “YOU HELD ME?!?! Ken thinks “How did he know?” then says “Well… Yes… It’s a semi-long story.” “JUST TELL ME IT!” “No, I will not…” NOW!” “Ok, ok, no need to get mad. Now you tried the Computer, but you got bored. SO I got you a game. You played it for so much that you started to use misspellings. (Dis is missspealignz), then you used Leet speak, or know as 1337 talk. ([)iZ |s |_EBT Z|>ee|/\ / 1337 T/\|_k) (Leet speak is an alternative alphabet for the English language that is used primarily on the Internet. ~Wikipedia) I had to get you to a dorter, he gave me a Memory Eraser thing. He never named it and he told me what it does, so I’m just naming it “Memory Eraser”. I rushed back to the home then used it on you.” “Which made this sequel?” “Yes.”


Ben says “OH! A button called “Double-Click this icon to earn money!” Ken says “Wait! Don’t Double-Click that! It’s a Virus!” Never the less, Ben Double-Clicks the Virus. Icons are flying all over the place, the start bar is nowhere to be seen, and it’s just a mess. Ben says “Money? More like flying icons!” Ken says “See? What you just Double-Clicked is a Virus! Luckily it’s a Harmless one. I tried it and I laughed a lot.” Ken starts Laughing. Ben yells “What?” GiantHard Doors Computer has An Error Message, let’s see what it says… “What you just saw was a Virus, but this one is Harmless. Becaurfull of Files! They might be Viruses!” Ben thinks “Oh.”

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